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Take advantage of what people are already doing, while saving them money and headaches and improving your profits.


Why Do You Need Us?

Many contractors ask the question, "Why don't I just consult on my   own and create my own program?".  That is a very good question.  If you were to factor in the many years it would take to come up with a program as detailed and simple as ours, the hours you would spend typing and designing, the thousands of dollars needed to create the pamphlets, brochures, videos and much more, you would realize that what you are getting from your membership with the National Home Building Consultants is a great value that can add to your company and income.  If you try to create your own system, all your  time and money you spend, and each day that goes by, that you don't have a program,  you are losing clients and possible income. 

With one client, our program is paid for.

Capture a Huge Opportunity

With few contractors offering consulting services, there is a huge market that is currently underserved. Now is the time to take advantage of this opportunity.

Transform or expand your General Contractor business into a Consulting Enterprise today. National Home Building Consultants (NHB Consultants) is a turn-key system that allows you to maximize your time and profits while minimizing costs to owner-builder clients.

NHB Consultants is 3 Basic, Easy Steps

1 - Quick Start Program: Learn exactly what you need to do to start capitalizing on your expertise.

2 - Marketing System: Find out what works, effective marketing strategies to use, pursuasive phrases, pre-tested advertising, and much, much more.

3 - Setting Up & Doing Business: Learn how to be a successful consultant, the details of satisfying clients, setting up your office, and all the specifics of doing business the NHBC way.

With NHB Consultants, you'll also receive:

  • Personalized Consultant Training
  • Proven & Tested Marketing Strategies
  • Use of the Established "National Home Building Consultants" Name
  • Full Use of Client Testimonials
  • Client Satisfaction Rate of 98%
  • A Successful System for Managing Subcontractors

How To Get Started ...

Call Now for a personal interview.

GET ALL THE DETAILS of the NHB Consultants System.

and become a National Home Building Consultant.

Turn Your Knowledge Into Profits

Use the NHB Consultants simplified system to maximize your profits while saving your clients thousands.


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