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Become a Construction Consultant

and Increase Your Profits

In the time it takes a contractor to manage a single project, a typical National Home Building Consultant can manage 6 consulting projects that pay as much as $200/hr.

While a traditional project would net $15,000, the 6 consulting projects would net as much as $36,000 - an increase of 140%.

Fewer headaches, less hassle and more money for you and your clients - itís a win/win proposition.

As an Expert, Where is Your Time Focused?

As you analyze how you spend your time, the general tasks for a project require three levels of expertise:

1-Building expertise: quality control, problem resolution, project design (planning and estimating).

2-Business management: budgeting, sub-contractor negotiation, cost analysis.

3-General project management: project coordination, scheduling, change orders, general follow-up calling.

Eliminate Time Consuming Tasks

Most contractors spend their time working on all aspects of a construction project - from quality control, estimating, problem resolution to sub-contractor management, budgeting and scheduling, etc. However, only a few of these activities require the depth of knowledge a contractor provides.

By spreading your time across all aspects of a construction project, the value of your knowledge and expertise may be diminished.

In fact, contractors often spend more time on general project management activities - as much as 80% of their time - yet these are probably the least valued skills offered by a general contractor. Conversely, 20% or less of contractor time is spent on Project Planning and Quality Control, the most crucial time for success of a construction project.

Leverage Your Expertise To Maximize Profitable Time

By re-focusing your time on Contractor expertise tasks, you enable your clients to assume the time-consuming tasks. In turn you optimize your time and maximize profits.


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