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How the Owner Builder Program Works

If you feel you know enough about construction, you probably think you can squeeze by and do a good job building your own home. Since many people build this way every year, the likelihood is, you will be able to complete your project. But our goal is more than just for you to complete your project and maybe save some money.

We want you to be very successful saving many thousands of dollars and to enjoy the process along the way.

Over the years, I have compared the cost and problems that an owner builder will have not using a consultant and using a consultant. The ones who have used a consultant saved much more and experienced far fewer headaches.

We know many lenders who have personally witnessed the experiences of their clients both using our services and without using our services. They highly praise our program. Read more here.

How Is it Done?

First - Because we have simplified the process through our "Equity Maximizier System," you are much better prepared than an owner builder without our system.

You will be able to avoid many mistakes, delays, and cost over-runs that normally happen to other owner builders.

Second - You have access to an experienced contractor who is available for you, and can catch problems before they happen. Your consultant will be able to inspect the quality of workmanship and let you know it is sub-par.

Third - You have access to our web page "Clients Only" section to pull all our resources from us. This includes subs, suppliers, and clients to notify you of the great sales so you can even further your savings.

Also, when we come across special deals material that suppliers are running, we post them on the website and notify you by email.

Fourth - We recommend subcontractors and material suppliers who have a track record of reliability, service, and good prices. And there are many other ways we assist you in being successful and saving thousands of dollars.

Helpful Information, Now

We're here to help you minimize your risk, save more than you thought you could, and help you enjoy the process. Here are some helpful tools and information you can use right now:


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